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I (Ariane Leanza Heinz) have been a music educator since 1994. I have been working with children all my life. I have myself 2 girls (8 & 10) and a baby girl, born January 6 2014, who will be participating in the class.

To talk to me call @ 077 425 0018 or email

This Spring for 8 weeks we will "Cuddle and Bounce" on Fridays at 9.45. 

Age group: 0 until 1

In this curriculum, we will teach our babies sign language, start implementing gentle structure to their lives, listen to songs, sing the songs, make physical activities like dances, massages, movements which help the baby’s brain & explore the aspects of child development of this age.

Location: Kelleräckerstrasse 48, 8967 Widen

Preis: CHF240/for the trimester including home materials

Class dates:  Every Friday from April 25-June 13

Hours: 9.45 class gathering, 10:00-10:45 class

Summer break: June 25-August 10.

The classes for the older children will resume August 11, and we will resume our baby class too at that time. Keep informed on Facebook, or on my newsletter (which you will receive not more than once a month).

Register here & send the doc to Ariane

About Kindermusik:

Kindermusik is an international program for newborn until 7 years old. In the classroom, children sing songs, dance, jump, rock, listen, play instruments in a nurturing atmosphere adapted to their age development. They socialize & make friends. The parents learn & have fun too. The whole family can share the experience with the beautiful home materials. It is the best way to start the child's musical & learning path.

Money & Rules:

All payments need to be made either by electronic baking before course begin, or in cash on the first day of class.

Migros Bank AG, 8010 Zürich, CH55 0840 1000 0528 3289 9

Ariane Sandra Leanza Heinz, Bremgarterstr. 39, 8967 Widen

Konto: 80-533-6

Once you have registered for a class, please note that the following rules apply:


Once you have registered for a class, please note that that registration is legally binding (whether be through email, this website, telephone, etc.....) All fees are due at the absolute latest on the first day of class.  You can pay by bank or cash. Home materials once received are non-returnable. 

A second child in the same family for the same class gets 50% off the tuition.

If you bring a friend who signs up for a class, you’ll get a 10% on your next month tuition. Friends can come anytime to visit one class for free. Gift cards are available.

Once I had my baby (beginning of January) I will take a couple of months for her, and come back to teaching in March. No tuition is due while I am on maternity leave of course. I will email you and let you know the exact date of resuming lessons.

You can cancel a registration at the latest 14 days before class begins, otherwise the monthly payment is due.

© Ariane Leanza-Heinz 2014